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Comparison of X-ray CT and MRI of watercore disorder of different apple cultivars
Abstract Watercore is an internal disorder that appears as water-soaked, glassy regions near the core in apples. Fast and non-destructive solutions for sensing watercore would be readily accepted inExpand
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Assessment of watercore development in apples with MRI: Effect of fruit location in the canopy
a b s t r a c t Watercore distribution inside apple fruit (block or radial), and its incidence (% of tissue) were related to the effect of solar radiation inside the canopy as measured by a set ofExpand
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Low-cost irradiance sensors for irradiation assessments inside tree canopies
The solar irradiation that a crop receives is directly related to the physical and biological processes that affect the crop. However, the assessment of solar irradiation poses certain problems whenExpand
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Non-Destructive Global and Localized 2D T1/T2 NMR Relaxometry to Resolve Microstructure in Apples Affected by Watercore
Apples can be considered as having a complex system formed by several structures at different organization levels: macroscale (>100 μm) and microscale (<100 μm). This work implements 2D T1/T2 globalExpand
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Assessment of Internal and External Quality of Fruits and Vegetables
In this chapter, advances in the most important imaging techniques that can be applied to fruit and vegetable inspection are addressed. The review begins with the external inspection, dominated byExpand
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On-line MRI sequences for the evaluation of Apple internal quality
In this study, two alternative motion corrected sequences are proposed and implemented in real‐time (FLASH and UFLARE), based on T2* or T2 respectively. Expand
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Cleaner production strategies for the food industry
Abstract Due to an increasing world population, minimizing the environmental impact associated with food production is becoming a key aspect to ensure the sustainability of the planet. One of theExpand
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Detection of water addition in fresh, frozen and thawed bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) by near infrared spectroscopy
Poster.-- 9th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis, November 5-8 2019, Prague
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