Ángela Blanco-Fernández

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This note is a rejoinder on our paper in this issue. It attempts to provide some clarications and thoughts in connection with the discussions/comments made about it by Didier Dubois and Sébastien Destercke. We hope our comments are at the level of the discussants'. 1 Introduction 1 We feel very grateful and honoured that our paper has been discussed by 2(More)
When working with real-valued data regression analysis allows to model and forecast the values of a random variable in terms of the values of either another one or several other random variables defined on the same probability space. When data are not real-valued, regression techniques should be extended and adapted to model simply relationships in an(More)
We study classroom discussions to obtain a fuzzy summary of the quality of teaching and opportunities to learn mathematics created in whole-class settings. We consider the ten rubrics of the Instructional Quality Assessment and make a fuzzy interpretation of this tool. We selected two problems of proportionality and collected data from forty-nine students.(More)