Ángel Vegas

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The generation and maintenance of subcellular organization in bacteria is critical for many cell processes and properties, including growth, structural integrity and, in pathogens, virulence. Here, we investigate the mechanisms by which the virulence protein IcsA (VirG) is distributed on the bacterial surface to promote efficient transmission of the(More)
Theoretical calculations of the electron-localization function show that, at the volumes of the two CaO phases (rocksalt and CsCl type), the parent Ca structures (fcc: face-centred cubic and sc: simple cubic, respectively) exhibit charge concentration zones which coincide with the positions occupied by the O atoms in their oxides. Similar features, also(More)
This work presents the design, fabrication and measurements of a W-band linear array of planar antennas. The structure of the antenna, which presents as benefit low cost and easy manufacture, is composed of three planar patches fed by slots. The simulation and the experimental results are compared showing a good agreement. In order to enhance the radiation(More)
The generalization of the Zintl-Klemm concept provides a universal formulation of a crystal structure in terms of universal building skeletons formed by Klemm's pseudoatoms: atoms that behave structurally according to their formal total electron charge. An important difference in this novel view is that charge is considered to be transferred, in the strict(More)
  • Ángel Vegas
  • Acta crystallographica. Section B, Structural…
  • 2012
The structures of ternary oxides and chalcogenides of alkali metals are dissected in light of the extended Zintl-Klemm concept. This model, which has been successfully extended to other compounds different to the Zintl phases, assumes that crystal structures can be better understood if the cation substructures are contemplated as Zintl polyanions. This(More)
In this work it is reviewed the most novel advances in the multipactor RF breakdown risk assessment devoted to RF satellite microwave passive devices employed in space telecommunication systems. On one side, it is studied the effect of transmitting a single-carrier digital modulated signal in the multipactor RF voltage threshold in a coaxial line. On the(More)
We introduce and discuss an interpretative model of the structure and bonding of inorganic crystals containing metallic elements. The central idea is the conception of the crystal structure of such an inorganic compound as a metallic matrix whose geometric and electronic structures govern the formation and localization of the anions in the lattice. This is(More)
A topological analysis of the electron localization function (ELF) of a molecule of hexamethyldisiloxane, (H3C)3-Si-O-Si-(CH3)3, has been carried out, drawing a consistent picture of Si-O-Si bonding both in the linear and angular geometries. The ELF analysis confirms the idea that the O atom, in the linear geometry of (H3C)3-Si-O-Si-(CH3)3, is isolobal with(More)
Neodymium aluminate coatings have been prepared in-situ by the laser zone melting (LZM) method, using a CO2 SLAB-type laser emitting at 10.6 µm. Polycrystalline Al2O3 commercial plates have been used as substrates, and coatings were prepared from the corresponding mixtures of powdered neodymium and aluminium oxides as starting materials. Microstructure,(More)
The structures of 94 ternary aluminates are reinterpreted on the basis of the Zintl-Klemm concept and Pearson's generalized octet rule. In aluminates of highly electropositive metals such as alkali, alkaline-earth and rare-earth metals, the Al atoms form three-dimensional skeleta which can be interpreted as if the Al atoms were behaving as Zintl polyanions,(More)