Ángel Miliar-García

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Brown algae and its carotenoids have been shown to have a positive influence on obesity and its comorbidities. This study evaluated the effect of Undaria pinnatifida and fucoxanthin on biochemical, physiological and inflammation markers related to obesity and on the expression of genes engaged on white adipose tissue lipid metabolism in a murine model of(More)
A comparison was made of the effects of levamisole, the bacterial fractions of Staphylococcus, and Freund's adjuvant on the immunization of rats with the excretory and secretory antigens of Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae. Wistar rats were immunized with the antigen and a saline solution, levamisole (LV), Staphylococcus (ST), or Freund's adjuvant (FA).(More)
Although caloric restriction (CR) apparently has beneficial effects on the immune system, its effects on the immunological function of the intestinal mucosa are little known. The present study explored the effect of CR on the innate and adaptive intestinal immunity of mice. Balb/c mice were either fed ad libitum (control) or on alternate days fed ad libitum(More)
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