Ángel López-Nicolás

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This study measures socioeconomic inequalities in health across European Union Member States between 1994 and 2001. The analysis is based on the European Community Household Panel Users' Database (ECHP-UDB) and uses two binary indicators of health limitations for the full 8 waves of available data. Short- and long-run concentration indices together with(More)
Meeting for suggestions. We are also grateful to the editor of this journal and an anonymous referee for useful comments. Financial support from the Instituto de la Mujer, the FIES and DGES projects PB95-0980 and PB98-1058-C03-01 is gratefully acknowledged. The usual disclaimer applies.
Changes in cigarette price have had an appreciable impact on smoking prevalence in several countries. We analysed the price elasticity of demand for cigarettes (effect of price of cigarettes on tobacco consumption) between 1965 and 2000 in Spain. For total consumption of cigarettes, a 1% increase in price is associated with a 0.19% decrease of consumption(More)
In this paper we estimate a demand for private medical services equation based on the tradition of Grossman's model of demand for health using data for a panel of Spanish households. The econometric specification accounts for the censored nature of the data, which arises from no participation and infrequency of purchases, and the existence of unobserved(More)
OBJECTIVES The Spanish government has strengthened tobacco control policies since 2005, including changes in tobacco taxes. Because these changes have targeted cigarettes mainly, the tobacco industry has marketed cheaper alternative tobacco products, offering smokers the possibility to downtrade. This paper traces the evolution of patterns of demand for(More)
OBJECTIVE We estimated the effect that a smoking cessation intervention in the Spanish population of smokers would have on smoking-related morbidity, mortality and health care costs. METHODS We adopted the model Health and Economic Consequences of Smoking sponsored by the WHO Health Organization and developed by the The Lewin Group. The smoking cessation(More)
The purpose of this study was to test the existence of the plateau effect at the social level. The authors tried to confirm the preliminary conclusion that people may not be willing to trade off any longevity to improve the health state of a large number of people if the health states are mild enough. They tested this assumption using the person-tradeoff(More)
INTRODUCTION The European Union (EU) requires member states to apply minimum taxes on manufactured cigarettes. One such tax has operated in Spain since 2006. This study evaluates the impact of this reform of the tax regime on manufactured cigarette prices and on smoking prevalence, drawing implications for European tobacco tax policy. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION The European EQUIPT study will co-create a return on investment tool in several countries, aiming to provide decision makers with information and justification on the returns that can be generated by investing in tobacco control. This study aimed to identify the needs of potential users in Spain in order to provide information on the(More)