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Generative Grammar and the Faculty of Language : Insights, Questions, and Challenges
Aquest treball proporciona una visio general dels aspectes clau actuals en el camp de la gramatica generativa: l’estudi de la facultat del llenguatge huma. Es tractaran algunes de les visions a queExpand
Object shift in Romance
This paper discusses the properties of VOS sentences in Romance and their bearing on Case assignment, verb movement, parametric variation, and the structure of the vP periphery / low IP area. TheExpand
A note on cognate objects: Cognation as doubling
This note considers some of the problems raised by so-called “cognate objects” in the light of Hale & Keyser’s (1993, 1997, 1998) analysis of unergative verbs, which involves incorporation of a nounExpand
Abstract.  This paper discusses Chomsky’s (2008) phase-based analysis of the Subject Condition (where islandhood is regarded as a locality constraint on phase edges), paying particular attention toExpand
Phases : developing the framework
This book contains a series of essays that explore the foundations, developments, and goals of Phase Theory. The antecedents of this framework go back to the notion of cycle, which plays a key roleExpand
Conditions on sub-extraction
The goal of this paper is to address CED effects, building on the mechanics of Chomsky’s (2000; 2001) Agree mechanism. Expand
The goal of this paper is to provide a phase-based account of the socalled Subject Condition (a subcase of Huang’s 1982 CED phenomena). We will assume, following Chomsky (2005), that the syntacticExpand
A critique of Phase Extension, with a comparison to Phase Sliding
Introduction Den Dikken's paper (henceforth DD) explores an interesting alternative to Chomsky's conception of Phase Theory to account for different phenomena involving Predicate Inversion (PI). Expand
Remark on the EPP in Labeling Theory: Evidence from Romance
This paper puts forward an account of the Extended Projection Principle (EPP) based on Chomsky's (2013, 2015) Labeling Theory. Departing from Chomsky's (2015) proposal, which adopts “featureExpand
On the prepositional nature of non-finite verbs
Aquest article investiga la natura preposicional de les formes verbals no finites. A partir d’ob- servacions prou conegudes que relacionen les categories P i V, d’una banda, (v. Chomsky 1970, 1981,Expand