Ángel F. García-Fernández

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– This paper addresses the problem of detecting and tracking multiple targets in a Bayesian framework. First, we introduce the definition of Joint MultitracK Probability Density (JMKPD) which is the probability of having a certain number of tracks, each one clearly identified with an ID number, and a kinematic state. We develop the a priori model needed to(More)
—This paper presents the generalized optimal sub-pattern assignment (GOSPA) metric on the space of finite sets of targets. Compared to the well-established optimal sub-pattern assignment (OSPA) metric, GOSPA is unnormalized as a function of the cardinality and it penalizes cardinality errors differently, which enables us to express it as an optimisation(More)
—The objective of this paper is to approximate the unlabelled posterior random finite set (RFS) density in multitar-get tracking (MTT) using particle filters (PFs). The unlabelled posterior can be equivalently represented by any labelled density that belongs to the posterior RFS family. For the limited number of particles used in practice, PFs that assume(More)