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This study aims to identify possible gender inequalities in the scholarly output of researchers in the field of psychology in Spain. A sample of 522 papers and reviews published in 2007 was extracted from the Thomson ISI Web of Science. The presence of women, the collaboration pattern and the impact of these scientific publications were analyzed. The(More)
In this study we analyse gender equality in the preparation, supervision and defence of PhD theses in Spain in the period 1990-2004. The results indicate a tendency towards greater equality in the number of men and women successfully completing doctoral studies. However, the gender imbalance among thesis supervisors and on thesis assessment boards is more(More)
This paper explores the possibility of using data from social bookmarking services to measure the use of information by academic researchers. Social bookmarking data can be used to augment participative (e.g. interviews and surveys) and other non-participative (e.g. citation analysis and transaction logs) methods to measure the use of scholarly information.(More)
Introduction Access to scientific information has progressed enormously both qualitatively and quantitatively during the last two decades due to the improvement in discovering tools — alert services, databases, metasearch engines, online catalogues, publisher platforms, and so on — together with the increase in the amount of electronic information available(More)