Álvaro Segura

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Fires and other related disasters provoke great destruction of high valuable environments and economical losses, especially when they are located in urban areas. In this work, we present a combined urban and forest fire spreading algorithm to be used in real time and interactive Virtual Simulations. The algorithm is pedagogical oriented and its purpose is(More)
This paper contributes to the efficient visualization and management of 3D content for e-commerce purposes. The main objective of this research is to improve the multimedia management of complex 3D models, such as CAD or BIM models, by simply dragging a CAD/BIM file into a web application. Our developments and tests show that it is possible to convert these(More)
In this paper a level-based geometric representation for a real-time material removal simulator is presented. It will be embedded into a commercial NC machine. The representation and its accompanying architecture have been used for the generation of an interactive simulation of a part being machined, taking the NC machine feedback as input. The simulator(More)
The NC machining processes based on computer graphics is a significant part of modern Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Through simulation, it is possible to test the correctness of the NC tool paths without the need of machining actual physical parts, with the corresponding reduction of time and costs. In this paper, we present a flexible and(More)
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