Álvaro Sánchez-Picot

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End-user development is a new trend to provide tailored services to dynamic environments such as hospitals. These services not only facilitate daily work for pharmacy personnel but also improve self-care in elder people that are still related to hospital, such as discharged patients. This paper presents an ambient intelligence (AmI) environment for End-user(More)
The junction of both revolutions, the Internet of Things and mobile technologies, seems to be the key of the future. However, most works about this solution use a really simplified scenario, where the application of the mobile technologies to the IoT is problems-free. In this paper, we present a study considering the problems of the handovers in LTE and 5G(More)
One of the most interesting applications of Industry 4.0 paradigm is enhanced process control. Traditionally , process control solutions based on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) consider a top-down view where processes are represented as executable high-level descriptions. However, most times industrial processes follow a bottom-up model where processes are(More)
New forms of commerce require novel methods of management. Dynamic pricing is a new way to get a increase in the buyers interest and improve their customer experience. As it is a complex procedure to take into account elaborate algorithms to generate and distribute new prices to products, in this paper , a system for autonomous price management and(More)