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While in sinus rhythm, the patient had a PR interval of 120 ms and an apparently preexcited QRS, with a positive delta wave in inferior and precordial leads. During atrial fibrillation, there was no change in the QRS with respect to baseline, which ruled out a conventional accessory pathway (between the atrium and ventricle). The preexcitation is explained(More)
First, we would like thank Dr Álvarez-Acosta et al. for their comments, which we will try to address here. In accordance with the relevant guidelines, we routinely implant cardiac resynchronization devices to treat heart failure in optimally treated and nondecompensated patients. Our patient was stable at the time of implantation and his heart rate,(More)
depressed. Use of antidepressants and psycholeptics was higher in whites and coloreds, and both groups reported a higher number of comorbid conditions and medication use than black Africans. Of fallers with injuries, 23 (14%) reported having sustained a fracture at baseline (78% women) and 6% at follow-up (all women), of which six (26%) and two (20%) were(More)
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