Álvaro J. Rebón Portillo

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Current middleware systems suffer from drawbacks. Often one is forced to make decisions early in the design process about which classes may participate in inter-machine communication. Further, application level and middleware specific semantics cannot be separated, forcing an unnatural design. The RAFDA project proposes to address these deficiencies by(More)
This paper presents a practical evaluation and comparison of three state-of-the-art parallel functional languages. The evaluation is based on implementations of three typical symbolic computation programs, with performance measured on a Beowulf-class parallel architecture. ∗This work is primarily supported by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (APART(More)
INTRODUCTION To describe the occurrence of non-regular attendance to follow-up visits among HIV patients and to analyze the determining factors. METHODS One-day survey carried out annually (2002-2012) in public hospitals. Epidemiological, clinical and behavioral data are collected in all HIV-infected inpatients and outpatients receiving HIV-related care(More)
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