Álvaro Flores

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Churn prediction is an important application of classification models that identify those customers most likely to attrite based on their respective characteristics described by e.g. socio-demographic and behavioral variables. Since nowadays more and more of such features are captured and stored in the respective computational systems, an appropriate(More)
We study the assortment optimization problem under the Sequential Multinomial Logit (SML), a discrete choice model that generalizes the multinomial logit (MNL). Under the SML model, products are partitioned into two levels, to capture differences in attractiveness, brand awareness and, or visibility of the products in the market. When a consumer is(More)
Trial-offer markets, where customers can sample a product before deciding whether to buy it, are ubiquitous in the online experience. Their static and dynamic properties are often studied by assuming that consumers follow a multinomial logit model and try exactly one product. In this paper, we study how to generalize existing results to a more realistic(More)
This paper studies the assortment optimization problem under the General Luce Model (GLM), a discrete choice introduced by Echenique and Saito (2015) that generalizes the standard multinomial logit model (MNL). The GLM does not satisfy the Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives (IIA) property but it ensures that each product has an intrinsic utility and(More)
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