Álvaro F. Moreira

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Research on agent communication languages has typically taken the speech acts paradigm as its starting point. Despite their manifest attractions, speech-act models of communication have several serious disadvantages as a foundation for communication in artificial agent systems. In particular, it has proved to be extremely difficult to give a satisfactory(More)
Work on agent communication languages has since long striven to achieve adequate speech act semantics; partly, the problem is that references to an agent's architecture (in particular a BDI-like architecture) would be required in giving such semantics more rigorously. On the other hand, BDI agent-oriented programming languages have had their semantics(More)
Evolution and change in data management—issues and directions. JF Roddick A formal model for temporal schema versioning in object-oriented databases. A Query Language for a Versioned Object Oriented Database. Temporal and versioning model for schema evolution in object-oriented databases. Data Knowl. model space that consists of the semantic and the(More)
The concept of versioning was initially proposed for controlling design evolution on computer aided design and software engineering. On the context of database systems, versioning is applied for managing the evolution of different elements of the data. Modern database systems provide not only powerful data models but also complex query languages that have(More)
This paper characterizes how compiler optimizations impact software control-flow reliability when the optimized application is compiled with a technique to enable the software itself to detect and correct radiation induced soft-errors occurring in branches. Supported by a comprehensive fault injection campaign using an established benchmark suite in the(More)
We propose a language to define data update during schema versioning in a temporal object-oriented database. With this language, a user can express multi-schema modifications involving extensional data from different schema versions at the same time, improving the database environment with temporal and versioning features concerning database modification.(More)