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Codes of Good Governance Worldwide: What is the Trigger?
This article examines the mechanisms underlying the worldwide diffusion of organizational practices. We suggest that the two main theoretical explanations in the diffusion literature, efficiency andExpand
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Transforming disadvantages into advantages: developing-country MNEs in the least developed countries
We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of developing-country multinational enterprises (MNEs) in comparison with developed-country MNEs. Developing-country MNEs tend to be less competitive thanExpand
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Who cares about corruption?
This paper examines the impact of corruption on foreign direct investment (FDI). It argues that corruption results not only in a reduction in FDI, but also in a change in the composition of countryExpand
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R&D Collaborations and Product Innovation
This article studies the relative impact on product innovation of R&D collaborations with universities, suppliers, customers, and competitors. It argues that each type of R&D collaboration differs inExpand
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Extending theory by analyzing developing country multinational companies: Solving the Goldilocks debate
I analyze how the study of developing country multinational companies (DMNCs) can help extend theory. The renewed interest in DMNCs has generated a ‘Goldilocks’ debate, with one camp arguing that theExpand
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Better the Devil You Don't Know: Type of Corruption and FDI in Transition Economies
Corruption has a negative impact on foreign direct investment (FDI). However, transition economies show high levels of corruption and also high levels of FDI. I argue that it is not the level butExpand
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The multinationalization of developing country MNEs: The case of multilatinas
I study the multinationalization -- the decision to establish foreign direct investment (FDI) -- of developing country firms, in particular Latin American ones or "Multilatinas". Despite a longExpand
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Codes of Good Governance
Our review of the literature on codes of good governance highlights the rapid spread of codes of good governance around the world and how academic research has lagged behind in analyzing this topic.Expand
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Governments as owners: State-owned multinational companies
The globalization of state-owned multinational companies (SOMNCs) has become an important phenomenon in international business (IB), yet it has received scant attention in the literature. We explainExpand
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The effectiveness of laws against bribery abroad
This paper analyzes the effectiveness of laws against bribery abroad in inducing foreign investors to reduce their investments in corrupt countries. The laws are designed to reduce the supply ofExpand
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