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High Richness of Vascular Plants in the Tropical Los Tuxtlas Region, Mexico
We present an assessment of the recorded vascular plants in the Los Tuxtlas region, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, an important portion of the humid tropical forest at the northern edge of itsExpand
Morphological characterization of extrafloral nectaries and associated ants in tropical vegetation of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico
Basic information is provided for future research in these fields of plant–animal interactions in neotropical vegetation and dissimilarity analyses between plants and ant species showed that the forest in the Los Tuxtlas region has a rich array of antspecies associated with EFNs, with a low niche overlap of ant species. Expand
A new species of Vernonia (Asteraceae, Vernonieae) from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico
A new species of Vernonia (Asteraceae, Vernonieae) is described from mountain cloud forest, Pinus forest and Pinus – Quercus forest in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico. Typical characters of this speciesExpand
Effects of variation in forest fragment habitat on black howler monkey demography in the unprotected landscape around Palenque National Park, Mexico
Differential effects on males and females in a primate population in forest fragments have important conservation implications: if females are more abundant in larger, less isolated fragments, while males areMore abundant in more isolated fragment populations, then to effectively conserve this population, both landscape connectivity and fragment areas should be maintained and increased. Expand
Plant Use by Artisans Within the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, Southern Mexico
Throughout Latin America, the manufacture of handicrafts for sale is an important economic resource for many indigenous and non-indigenous groups. The construction of many of these items involves theExpand
Seasonal variation in the diversity of flowering orchids at Santa Catarina Lachatao, Oaxaca, Mexico
Background: Orchidaceae represents around 7.1-8.52 % of the angiosperms known in the planet. In Mexico, orchids are the third family more diverse, and Oaxaca is the state with the highest richness inExpand
Aspects of the Reproductive Biology of Stenanona Flagelliflora (Annonaceae)
The results suggest that reproduction of S. flagelliflora is not limited by resource availability, but by pollinator frequency and effectiveness. Expand