Álvaro Cabezas

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Flood and flow pulses are primary factors that regulate macroinvertebrate community structure in river-floodplain ecosystems. In order to assess the impacts of these important hydrological events in a regulated Mediterranean river, bimonthly water and macroinvertebrate samples were collected in 2006 in the Middle Ebro River channel and six floodplain(More)
The structure of the floodplain forests of the Middle Ebro River (NE Spain) was examined at patch and landscape scales along a three-step chronosequence defined according to the extent of flow regulation-induced hydrogeomorphic changes, with the ultimate purpose of producing baseline information to guide through management and restoration plans. At patch(More)
The aim of the present study was to describe the relationships between macroinvertebrate traits and lateral hydrological and environmental gradients in a Mediterranean river-fl oodplain, from the main river channel to three disconnected fl oodplain wetlands. Bimonthly water and macroinvertebrate samples were collected from an array of riverine wetlands in(More)
In natural systems, the chemistry of floodplain waters is a function of the source of the water, which is influenced by geomorphic features of riparian wetlands. However, anthropogenic disturbances may alter both geomorphic features and the natural balance of water mixing in the floodplain. The aim of this study was to classify riparian wetlands and(More)
The hydroperiod, flooded sediments and riparian understory were examined for eight riparian wetlands of one Ebro River reach (NE Spain) to relate river-floodplain interactions at different spatio-temporal scales with wetland strucuture. This analysis served as a basis for assessing the ecological status of the study reach and proposing a valid restoration(More)
Extensor mechanism injuries are relatively infrequent but can have a debilitating outcome if not treated in a timely fashion. Historically, injuries to the quadriceps or patellar tendon incorporated the use of an augment in the form of cerclage wire, followed by prolonged immobilization [1]. Advancement in techniques, augment materials and early functional(More)
Methods to characterize hydrological connectivity at riparian wetlands are necessary for ecosystem management given its importance over ecosystem structure and functioning. In this paper, we aimed to describe hydrological connectivity at one Ebro River reach (NE Spain) and test a method to perform such characterization. Continuous surface water level and(More)
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