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Relationships between wild bees, hoverflies and pollination success in apple orchards with different landscape contexts
Pollination is an important ecosystem service because many agricultural crops such as fruit trees are pollinated by insects. Agricultural intensification, however, is one of the main driversExpand
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A rapidly spreading potential pest, Orientus ishidae identified in Hungary.
The present study reports the first data on the occurrence of the mosaic leafhopper, Orientus ishidae (Matsumura) (Hemiptera Cicadellidae), in Hungary. The species is of eastern Palaearctic originExpand
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Impact of the alvarado score on the diagnosis of acute appendicitis: comparing clinical judgment, alvarado score, and a new modified score in suspected appendicitis: a prospective, randomized
AbstractBackgroundThe Alvarado score is a clinical scoring system used in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. This study aimed to compare the reliability of the Alvarado score and clinical judgmentExpand
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Climate-induced phenological shift of apple trees has diverse effects on pollinators, herbivores and natural enemies
Climate change is altering the phenology of trophically linked organisms, leading to increased asynchrony between species with unknown consequences for ecosystem services. Although phenologicalExpand
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Landscapes, orchards, pesticides - abundance of beetles (Coleoptera) in apple orchards along pesticide toxicity and landscape complexity gradients.
Abstract Landscape composition may influence biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural fields. Hitherto, most studies have focused on annual crops and the available information on theExpand
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Reconstruction of a Large Upper Lip Defect with Severe Associated Injuries by the Combination of the Kazanjian and Abbé Flaps
Upper lip defects caused by animal bites can result in serious oral and facial functional compromise. The management of such large defects in a way that an optimal functional and cosmetic outcome isExpand
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Reconstruction of Alar-Perialar Defects with a Combined Subcutaneous and Cutaneous Pedicled Rotation-Advancement Nasolabial Flap
Abstract Aim of the Study: During the reconstruction of alar defects involving the upper lip, reconstructive surgeons face the need for various thicknesses of tissues crucial to preserving the facialExpand
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A Possible Technique for the Complex Reconstruction of Exposed Breast Implant: Applicability and Microcirculation of the Capsule Flap
Abstract Aim of the Study: Immediate breast reconstruction is often applied after mastectomy. However, inappropriate surgical technique, postoperative radiotherapy and infection may lead to tissueExpand
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Towards a new strategy for organic milk marketing in Hungary
In Hungary, organic food market has both demand and supply oriented aspects: several times not necessary products are distributed, while the selection and volume of certain products are notExpand
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Énmárkázás online: A Youtuberek márkaépítése során használttartalomelemek analízise = Self branding online: Content analysis of Youtubers’ self branding
Bar az enmarka jelentőseget mar evszazadokkal ez előtt felismertek, a kozossegi media ternyeresevel jelentősege ujbol aktualitast nyert (Shepherd, 2005). Egy hatekony szemelyes markaExpand