Ákos Milánkovich

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In wireless smart metering optimization for energy efficiency is indispensable, because in case of systems without external power supply, battery life is a key factor regarding the usability of the whole system. Sensor networks are less sensitive for delay, this is why aggregation of packets is possible. The aim of this paper is to determine analytically(More)
Creating wireless sensor networks requires a different approach than traditional communication networks because energy efficiency plays a key role in sensor networks, which consist of devices without external power. The amount of energy used determines the lifetime of these devices. In most cases data packets are less sensitive to delay, thus can be(More)
Energy efficiency is one of the key issues of wireless sensor networks. Aggregation of packets may increase significantly the lifetime of batteries in exchange for some variations in delay. In this paper we have investigated how to determine the optimal amount of packets gathered for aggregation that minimizes the energy consumption of the whole multi-hop(More)
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