Ákos Horváth

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Model-driven development tools built on industry standard platforms, such as the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), heavily utilize model queries in model transformation, well-formedness constraint validation and domain-specific model execution. As these queries are executed rather frequently in interactive modeling applications, they have a significant(More)
—Early P2P-TV systems have already attracted millions of users, and many new commercial solutions are entering this market. Little information is however available about how these systems work, due to their closed and proprietary design. In this paper, we present large scale experiments to compare three of the most successful P2P-TV systems, namely PPLive,(More)
In graph transformation, the most cost-intensive phase of a transformation execution is pattern matching, where those subgraphs of a model graph are identified and matched which satisfy constraints prescribed by graph patterns. Incremental pattern matching aims to improve the efficiency of this critical step by storing the set of matches of a graph(More)
Design space exploration (DSE) aims at searching through various models representing different design candidates to support activities like configuration design of critical systems or automated maintenance of IT systems. In model-driven engineering, DSE is applied to find instance models that are (i) reachable from an initial model with a sequence of(More)
In this paper, we consider a large variety of solutions for the generation of Sierpinski triangles, one of the case studies for the AGTIVE graph transformation tool contest [15]. A Sierpinski triangle shows a well-known fractal structure. This case study is mostly a performance benchmark, involving the construction of all triangles up to a certain number of(More)
The main objective of a meteorological nowcasting system is to analyse and predict in ultra-short range those weather phenomena, which might be dangerous for life and property. The Hungarian Meteorological Service developed a nowcasting system (MEANDER), and its most computational intensive calculations have been parallelised by means of P-GRADE graphical(More)
As recent tool contests demonstrated, graph transformation tools scale up to handle very large models for model transformations thanks to recent advances in graph pattern matching techniques. In this paper, we assess the performance and capabilities of the Viatra2 model transformation framework by implementing the AntWorld case study of the GraBats 2008(More)