Ákos Hajdu

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Petri nets are a successful formal method for the modeling and verification of asynchronous, concurrent and distributed systems. Reachability analysis can provide important information about the behavior of the model. However, reachability analysis is a computationally hard problem, especially when the state space is infinite. Abstractionbased techniques(More)
Formal verification is becoming more prevalent and often compulsory in the safety-critical system and software development processes. Reachability analysis can provide information about safety and invariant properties of the developed system. However, checking the reachability is a computationally hard problem, especially in the case of asynchronous or(More)
Formal verification techniques are widely used for detecting design flaws in software systems. Formal verification can be done by transforming an already implemented source code to a formal model and attempting to prove certain properties of the model (e.g. that no erroneous state can occur during execution). Unfortunately, transformations from source code(More)
Statecharts are frequently used as a modeling formalism in the design of state-based systems. Formal verification techniques are also often applied to prove certain properties about the behavior of the system. One of the most efficient techniques for formal verification is Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement (CEGAR), which reduces the complexity of(More)
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