Ágnes Tóth

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The cerebral projection of vestibular signaling was studied by using PET with a special differential experimental protocol. Caloric vestibular stimulation (CVS)-induced regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) changes were investigated in two populations. Butanol perfusion scans were carried out on six healthy volunteers and on six patients following the removal(More)
Formation of immunological synapse (IS), the interface between T cells and antigen presenting cells, is a crucial step in T cell activation. This conjugation formation results in the rearrangement and segregation of a set of membrane bound and cytosolic proteins, including that of the T cell receptor, into membrane domains. It was showed earlier that Kv1.3,(More)
The independence ratio i(G) of a graph G is the ratio of its independence number and the number of vertices. The ultimate categorical independence ratio of a graph G is defined as limk→∞ i(G×k), where G×k denotes the kth categorical power of G. This parameter was introduced by Brown, Nowakowski and Rall, who asked about its value for complete multipartite(More)
We show that two results on covering of edge colored graphs by monochromatic connected parts can be extended to partitioning. We prove that for any 2-edgecolored non-trivial r-uniform hypergraph H, the vertex set can be partitioned into at most α(H)− r+ 2 monochromatic connected parts, where α(H) is the maximum size of a set of vertices that does not(More)
BACKGROUND Most cases of vertigo are attributable to both peripheral and central vestibular disorders. Therefore, it would be of interest to determine whether a combination therapy having both peripheral and central actions would translate into more efficient symptom relief. OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a(More)
P-glycoprotein (Pgp, ABCB1) is one of the active efflux pumps that are able to extrude a large variety of chemotherapeutic drugs from the cells, causing the phenomenon of multidrug resistance. It has been shown earlier that the combined application of a class of Pgp modulators (e.g. cyclosporine A and SDZ PSC 833) used at low concentrations and UIC2(More)
Some health problems are considered by many individuals as a ‘normal’ part of ageing. Our aim was to investigate whether patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) consider different types and levels of health losses as acceptable beyond a certain age. A multicenter cross-sectional survey was performed involving RA patients at the initiation of the first(More)
The membrane potential of human T cells is regulated by two potassium channels: the voltage-gated K(V)1.3 and the Ca2+-activated K(Ca)3.1. These two channels are essential for efficient antigenic activation and proliferation of T cells and are expressed at different levels in naïve, central memory and effector memory T cells. This provides the opportunity(More)