Ábris Ádám Bendes

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Transfer of phage-related pathogenicity islands of Staphylococcus aureus (SaPI-s) was recently reported to be activated by helper phage dUTPases. This is a novel function for dUTPases otherwise involved in preservation of genomic integrity by sanitizing the dNTP pool. Here we investigated the molecular mechanism of the dUTPase-induced gene expression(More)
Genome integrity requires well controlled cellular pools of nucleotides. dUTPases are responsible for regulating cellular dUTP levels and providing dUMP for dTTP biosynthesis. In Staphylococcus, phage dUTPases are also suggested to be involved in a moonlighting function regulating the expression of pathogenicity-island genes. Staphylococcal phage trimeric(More)
Staphylococcus aureus superantigen-carrying pathogenicity islands (SaPIs) play a determinant role in spreading virulence genes among bacterial populations that constitute a major health hazard. Repressor (Stl) proteins are responsible for the transcriptional regulation of pathogenicity island genes. Recently, a derepressing interaction between the repressor(More)
dUTPases catalyze the hydrolysis of dUTP into dUMP and pyrophosphate to maintain the proper nucleotide pool for DNA metabolism. Recent evidence suggests that dUTPases may also represent a selective drug target in mycobacteria because of the crucial role of these enzymes in maintaining DNA integrity. Nucleotide-hydrolyzing enzymes typically harbor a buried(More)
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