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The Inheritance of Resistance to Woolly Aphid, Eriosoma Lanigerum (HSMNN.), in The Apple
SummaryThe world literature on the resistance of cultivated varieties of apple to Eriosoma lanigerum is critically surveyed, and a list of 18 varieties found immune or highly resistant by at leastExpand
An eriophyid mite injurious to tomato
Phyllocoptes lycopersici, Massee, sp. n. Tryon, Rept. Queensland Agric. Dept. 1916–17, pp. 49–63. (No description.) Body spindle-shaped, stout, tapering sharply towards anal end. Thoracic shieldExpand
The Pests of Fruit and Hops.
Gall midges of fruit
The Tarsonemid Mite of Strawberry.
This factsheet offers guidance on the biology and control of tarsonemid mite in strawberry. It provides helpful information on cultural control as well as biological and chemical control optionsExpand
Weaning China off organs from executed prisoners
Weaning China off harvesting organs from executed prisoners is a marathon not a sprint, according to Phelim Kine, the deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. Indeed, this “marathon” isExpand