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Cryopreservation of spores of Dicksonia sellowiana: an endangered tree fern indigenous to South and Central America.
Spores of Dicksonia sellowiana (Presl.) Hook., an endangered tree fern, were stored in liquid nitrogen. Surface sterilized spores were placed in 1 ml sterile polypropylene cryotubes and were plungedExpand
Light and storage on the germination of spores of Dicksonia sellowiana (Presl.) Hook., Dicksoniaceae
Os esporos de Dicksonia sellowiana sao fotoblasticos positivos e atingem a maxima porcentagem de germinacao a 23 ± 2°C em luz branca apos sete dias de embebicao. A fase de pre-inducao para esporosExpand
Growth and accumulation of storage reserves by somatic embryos of Ocotea catharinensis Mez. (Lauraceae)
The focus of this study was the assessment of in vitro growth of embryogenic cultures of Ocotea catharinensis Mez. (Lauraceae) on Woody Plant Medium (WPM) supplemented with 22.7 g l−1 sorbitol, 2 gExpand
Effects of sucrose and irradiance on germination and early gametophyte growth of the endangered tree fern Dicksonia sellowiana Hook (Dicksoniaceae)
It is an endangered tree fern that grows in mixed umbrophylus forests in the tropics. Sterilized spores were germinated at 25 ± 2oC under a 16-hour photoperiod, in Dyer and MS medium supplementedExpand
Germination of spores and growth of gametophytes and sporophytes of Rumohra adiantiformis (Forst.) Ching (Dryopteridaceae) after spore cryogenic storage
Rumohra adiantiformis (Forst.) Ching e uma pteridofita (Dryopteridaceae), usada em arranjos florais. Esporos esterilizados em solucao de hipoclorito de sodio comercial a 15% (v/v) durante 10 minutosExpand
Pleopeltis pleopeltifolia (Polypodiopsida, Polypodiaceae), a poikilochlorophyllous desiccation-tolerant fern: anatomical, biochemical and physiological responses during water stress
While many ferns have been described as desiccation tolerant (DT), few studies have reported on the mechanisms they use to survive cell desiccation. Among the species belonging to the genusExpand
Spore germination of Gleichenella pectinata (Willd.) Ching (Polypodiopsida-Gleicheniaceae) at different temperatures, levels of light and pH
This study investigated the effects of different temperatures (25 and 30 ± 2 oC), light levels (62, 42, 22 and 5% of natural light), and pH (4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and 6.7) on the spore germinationExpand
Mobilization of storage reserves duringCyathea delgadii spore germination
The majority of spores ofCyathea delgadii germinate during the first seven days after imbibition under constant white light. The fresh weight remains constant from day 0 to day 7, but the dry weightExpand
Variability in the germination of spores among and within natural populations of the endangered tree fern Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. (Xaxim)
O Xaxim (Dicksonia sellowiana Hook. (Dicksoniaceae) e uma samambaia arborescente que se encontra principalmente sob o dominio da Floresta Ombrofila Mista. A exploracao intensiva de seus individuosExpand
Water stress and abscisic acid treatments induce the CAM pathway in the epiphytic fern Vittaria lineata (L.) Smith
Among various epiphytic ferns found in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, we studied Vittaria lineata (L.) Smith (Polypodiopsida, Pteridaceae). Anatomical characterization of the leaf was carried out byExpand