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Phylogeny and phylogeography of the Tuber brumale aggr.
In two more widespread species, two main phylogeographic groups can be distinguished that show east-west separation with a zone of overlap in the Carpathian Basin, suggesting that they survived the latest glacial period in separate refugia.
Could orchids indicate truffle habitats? Mycorrhizal association between orchids and truffles
This investigation aimed at analysing the data of a computerized database on hypogeous fungi gathered in the Carpathian basin, and also the coenological releves made in their quadrat, and found 16 hypOgeous fungal genera with close presence of orchids that is l3 % of all releves.
Species Delimitation in Taxonomically Difficult Fungi: The Case of Hymenogaster
This study reconsidered the species delimitations in Hymenogaster based on a comprehensive collection of Central European taxa comprising more than 140 fruiting bodies from 20 years of field work, and results indicate a highly variable morphology of H. citrinus and H. griseus.
Mineral composition of hypogeous fungi in Hungary
In the course of the work, 93 samples from 17 hypogeous fungus species belonging to 6 genera were taken from various habitats in Hungary and were analysed for the concentrations of 22 elements using
The most recent results on orchid mycorrhizal fungi in Hungary.
Observations suggest that fungi belonging to the genus Epulorhiza are more tolerant of water-stress than the other investigated genera.