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Measurement and interpretation of electrokinetic phenomena.
The recommendations given in the report apply mainly to smooth and homogeneous solid particles and plugs in aqueous systems; some attention is paid to nonaqueous media and less ideal surfaces. Expand
Measurement and Interpretation of Electrokinetic Phenomena (IUPAC Technical Report)
In this report, the status quo and recent progress in electrokinetics are reviewed. Practical rules are recommended for performing electrokinetic measurements and interpreting their results in termsExpand
Interfacial Electrokinetics and Electrophoresis
General membranes and porous plugs polymers and particles of biological interest inorganic particles gas/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces - vesicles.
Synthesis and characterization of poly(ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles with a magnetic core.
This preliminary study shows that the synthetic new material displays an intermediate behavior between that of magnetite and PE-2-CA spheres, and electrophoresis measurements as a function of pH and of KNO3 concentration, show great similarity between the core/shell and pure polymer nanoparticles. Expand
Electrophoretic characterization of gold nanoparticles functionalized with human serum albumin (HSA) and creatine.
The synthesis of composite nanoparticles consisting of a gold core coated with a human serum albumin (HSA)/creatine layer is described, and their possible application as novel drug carriers for brainExpand
On the zeta potential and surface charge density of montmorillonite in aqueous electrolyte solutions
Abstract Experimental data on the electrophoretic mobility of montmorillonite clay particles in electrolyte solutions are employed for the estimation of the zeta potential of the particles in theseExpand
Dielectric dispersion in aqueous colloidal systems
Abstract In this work we describe the fundamentals of the phenomenon of dielectric dispersion in aqueous colloidal suspensions, as well as the most recent advances on the subject. We begin byExpand
Dynamic characterization of extremely bidisperse magnetorheological fluids.
It is found that a volume fraction of nanoparticles not higher than 3% is enough to provide a long-lasting stabilization to MRFs containing above 30% iron microparticles, and this effect produces soft sediments by avoiding short-range attractions between the large iron particles. Expand
Electrokinetics of concentrated suspensions of spherical colloidal particles with surface conductance, arbitrary zeta potential, and double-layer thickness in static electric fields.
It can be concluded that in general the presence of a dynamic Stern layer causes the electrophoretic mobility to decrease and the electrical conductivity to increase in comparison with the standard case for every volume fraction, zeta potential, and double-layer thickness. Expand
Aging effects in the electrokinetics of colloidal iron oxides.
The effect of aging on commercial samples and monodisperse synthetic particles was again very significant, as u(e) decreased in absolute value, apparently without limit as the time since preparation was longer. Expand