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Structure-Composition Relationships in Trioctahedral Chlorites: A Vibrational Spectroscopy Study
Raman and Fourier-transformed infrared spectra of natural trioctahedral chlorites of polytype IIb were obtained for a series of samples characterized by distinct Fe/(Fe + Mg) and Si/Al ratios
Estimation of crystallinity in polyethylene by Raman spectroscopy
The quantitative determination of crystallinities of polyethylene samples from the analysis of vibrational bands due to δ(CH 2 ) twisting and υ(CC) stretching in the Raman spectra between 950 and
Thermal and spectroscopic analysis of natural trioctahedral chlorites
A set of seven natural trioctahedral chlorites have been studied. Thermogravimetric techniques and infrared spectroscopy were used to determine the thermal dehydroxylation of the samples.
P-V-T-X -fO 2 evolution from wolframite to sulphide depositional stages in intragranitic W-veins; an example from the Spanish Central System
The relative P-T-X conditions of the deposition of wolframite and sulphides in quartz veins has been investigated using representative W-polymetallic sulphide veins hosted by peraluminous granites
Raman microprobe analysis of chemically revealed extended defects in GaAs
The Raman microprobe is used for characterising chemically revealed defects in as-grown GaAs. Different microstructures were scanned with 1 mu m spatial resolution. Emphasis is paid to the breaking