Á. S. Gonzalez

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In a spirit akin to the sandpile model of selforganized criticality, we present a simple statistical model of the cellular-automaton type which simulates the role of an asperity in the dynamics of a one-dimensional fault. This model produces an earthquake spectrum similar to the characteristic-earthquake behaviour of some seismic faults. This model, that(More)
Transgenic wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties are being developed and field-tested in various countries. Concerns regarding gene flow from genetically modified (GM) crops to non-GM crops have stimulated research to estimate outcrossing in wheat prior to the release and commercialization of any transgenic cultivars. The aim is to ensure that coexistence(More)
This paper presents the development of a new method to measure the main phenolic compounds found in Cabernet Sauvignon red wines. A portable Raman spectrometer was used for this purpose, providing scattering spectra to analyze quantitatively the samples and determining the concentration of the compounds of interest. The Raman spectra were obtained from the(More)
Using error diagrams, we quantify the forecasting of characteristic-earthquake occurrence in a recently introduced minimalist model. Initially we connect the earthquake alarm at a fixed time after the ocurrence of a characteristic event. The evaluation of this strategy leads to a onedimensional numerical exploration of the loss function. This first strategy(More)
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