Á. L. García

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C Angermueller and O Stegle. Multi-task deep neural network to predict CpG methylation proĄles from low-coverage sequencing data. In NIPS MLCB workshop, 2015. AP and REUTERS. Tesla working on ŠimprovementsŠ to its au-topilot radar changes after model s owner became the Ąrst self-driving fatality. A comparison of direct and model-based reinforcement(More)
Learning management systems are increasingly being used to complement classroom teaching and learning and in some instances even replace traditional classroom settings with online educational tools. Mobile augmented reality is an innovative trend in e-learning that is creating new opportunities for teaching and learning. This article proposes a research(More)
We present a method to handle cubic trimmed triangular Bézier patches. This scheme makes use of levels of detail and surface subdivision to achieve a fast and flexible hierarchical data structure that is specially useful to compute surface intersections in a robust and efficient way. The accuracy of the results can be adjusted by adding or subtracting(More)
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