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Automation or semi-automation of learning scenario specifications is one of the least explored subjects in the e-learning research area. There is a need for a catalogue of learning scenarios and a technique to facilitate automated retrieval of stored specifications. This requires constructing an ontology with this goal and is justified in this paper. This(More)
Beyond the kind of processes dealt with the IMS LD specification, there are other kinds of processes, which are repeated periodically in learning environments that have not already been described yet due to the lack of mechanisms to describe them effectively. Inspired by the standard specification of language processes in the business area and taking into(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to analyse the reasons for not starting or for early of radiotherapy at the Radiation Oncology Department. METHODS All radiotherapy treatments from March 2010 to February 2012 were included. Early withdrawals from treatment those that never started recorded. Clinical, demographic and dosimetric variables were also(More)
Educational institutions are facing the challenge of providing students with tools for mobile learning (m-learning). However, the evolution of technology makes the development and continuous improvement of these tools rather expensive. For example, it is difficult to assess the different technology options available and to choose which ones are best suited(More)
Monografía del próximo número: "EUCIP" editorial El trabajo voluntario y altruista en ATI monografía El futuro de la tecnología educativa (En colaboración con UP UP UP UP UPGRADE) Aplicación de métodos "desaliñados" para facilitar el aprendizaje integrado en el trabajo > 35
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