Àngel Calzada Defez

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 This paper proposes an approach to transform speech from a neutral style into other expressive styles using both prosody and voice quality (VoQ). The main aim is to validate the usefulness of VoQ in the enhancement of expressive synthetic speech. A Harmonic plus Noise Model (HNM) is used to modify speech following a set of rules extracted from an(More)
It is known that voice quality plays an important role in expressive speech. In this paper, we present a methodology for modifying vocal effort level, which can be applied by text-to-speech (TTS) systems to provide the flexibility needed to improve the naturalness of synthesized speech. This extends previous work using low order Linear Prediction(More)
The harmonics plus noise model (HNM) has been used for prosodic speech signal modifications in high-quality environments in recent decades. Such speech modification techniques allow Text-To-Speech systems to generate more expressive synthesis without requiring extensive corpora resources. A more expressive synthesis can improve the user experience with(More)
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